Old Starbucks Japanese Okinawa Mug

My favourite place in Japan definitely has to be Okinawa. If you ever make it to Japan I can’t recomend enough a trip down to these beautiful southern islands. The people are fantastic, the culture fascinating and the scenery straight out of a postcard. (On a side note, if you’re curious about some modern Okinawan music, check out albums by the Okinawan twin DJs, RyukyuDisko. Awesome stuff.)

Old Starbucks Japanese Okinawa Mug

Old Starbucks Japanese Okinawa Mug

I bought this mug a few years ago when I went to Naha (the capital of Okinawa). It’s an awesome design featuring one of the rock statues of Shi-Sa, the guardian lion that you see EVERYWHERE in Okinawa. Note that it’s the same statue featured twice on this mug and not paired with it’s partner that you normally see (one with mouth open, one with mouth closed). The photo and video you see in this post weren’t filmed in Okinawa however. I actually took my mug to Zushi, a beach near Tokyo a few days ago for this media.

(click here to watch on youtube)

Zushi Beach is nowher near as beautiful as the beaches you’ll see in Okinawa but I really wanted to film the mug against the ocean to stick with the themed media I’ve been doing with the other mugs.

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